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Born 1993, Bauchi, Nigeria

Moved to London, UK

Psychology Bsc and MA in Social and Behavioural Psychology with a Focus in Social Design, with 4+ years of experience in architecture and technology design previously (Foster and Partner, Allies and Morrision, Bloomberg and British Land)  

Artist’s Statement

My work is focused around social dynamics communicated through the fine arts. Observing the anthropomorphization of the natural world as a visceral lens for exploring the human condition, crafting metaphors for human existence and past experience. My work questions the stasis of social dynamics, class structures and race asking viewers to examine their place within an ever-shifting ecosystem in society.

I aim to communicate visual ideas by transforming familiar objects through a process of selection and juxtaposition to challenge our perceptions of ourselves, others and the environment.

Ultimately the aim of my work, is to make my audience understand the symbiosis between our perception of the everyday object and our psychological perception of social classes and racial structures.


2016 - 2017

MA, Psychology

Department of Social Psychology

University of College London

2013 - 2016

Bsc, Psychology

Department of Psychology

University of Metropolitan London

Professional Appointments

2021 - Louis Vuitton 200th Celebration 

2019 - 2020 Allies and Morrision, Lead Project Director (Lake Shore Boulevard Toronto) London, United Kingdom

2018 - 2019 Foster and Partner, Lead Design Director (BPS, Colechurch House, Battersea Power Station, Tulip) London, United Kingdom

2017– 2018 BBC, Lead Technology Design, London, United Kingdom

2016– 2017 Bloomberg, Lead Design, London, United Kingdom

Grants and Awards

2019, BPS - Infrastructure Project at Evcom Clarion Awards,

Notable Collections

Social Dynamics, 2020

Structural Confimenets, 2021

Infastructure and Spirituality, 2021

Louis Vuitton 200th Celebration2021

Kudi x Browns Fashion, 2021

Structural Integrity and Failure, 2022

Selected Press

Apollo Magazine -  2021

Dazed, 100 - 2021 

Cultured:-“ In Conversation With Kudi” - 2020

Aesthetica Magazine: Print, October Issue, 2020

Aesthetica Magazine: - “ Kudi Structures of Design “ 2020