London, United Kingdom      

Artist’s Statement

Born 1993, Bauchi, Lives and works in London, UK. He holds a Bsc in Psychology and a MA in Social and Behavioural Psycholgy from UCL.

Kudi is a highly skilled and accomplished sculptor and painter based in London, UK. Born in Bauchi, Nigeria in 1993, he possesses a deep understanding of the human condition and the ways in which it can be explored through art. He holds a BSc in Psychology and a MA in Social and Behavioural Psychology from University College London (UCL), which informs his unique approach to art-making.

Kudi's sculptural practice is marked by a keen exploration of the anthropomorphization of the natural world. He deftly transforms familiar objects through a process of selection and juxtaposition, challenging our perceptions of ourselves, others, and the environment. His work is deeply rooted in social psychology and the rich history of the materials he employs, such as marble, concrete, and wood. These materials, laden with multi-layered history, become metaphors for human existence and past experience, as Kudi's work questions the stasis of social dynamics and invites the viewer to examine their place within an ever-shifting ecosystem.

In his paintings, Kudi pushes the boundaries of what a painting can be, experimenting with new formats and mediums. He masterfully employs a wide range of techniques, including acrylic, oil sticks, spray painting, material application, food seasoning, penticular printing, sound / technology application, to create layered works that explore the representation of generational social layers and their impact on each other. His approach to painting is marked by a critical examination of the structures that define formal figurative painting and painting as a discipline. He challenges these structures by omitting to paint on canvas, which he refers to as a "colonial" arena, and by presenting figures and working-class figures as powerful, in present, past and future context.

Kudi's work is not only visually striking but intellectually stimulating, as it invites the viewer to question the social structures that govern our daily lives and the balance and imbalance this creates in society. He desires his viewers to "question everything" when perceiving his paintings, and in doing so, to question the very foundations of art and the role it plays in shaping our understanding of the world.

In his work, Kudi demonstrates a deep commitment to pushing the limits of what art can be and challenging the status quo. He is a true innovator in his field, creating thought-provoking and visually striking works that engage both the mind and the senses. His work is a testament to his belief that by questioning everything, we can work towards creating a healthier and more balanced civilization. As an artist, Kudi is an important and timely voice in the art and design world, and his contributions to the field are sure to be long-lasting.