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Born 1993, Bauchi, Lives and works in London, UK. He holds a Bsc in Psychology and a MA in Social and Behavioural Psycholgy from UCL.

Kudi’s sculptural practice considers the anthropomorphization of the natural world as a visceral lens for exploring the human condition. Kudi transforms familiar objects through a process of selection, and juxtaposition to challenge our perceptions of ourselves, others and the environment. His work arises from a deep connection to social psychology and its relationship with materials, utilizing marble,concrete and wood loaded with multi-layered history in their origin. Crafting metaphors for human existence and past experience, Kudi’s work questions the stasis of social dynamics and asks the viewer to examine their place within an ever-shifting ecosystem.

Kudi’s paintings question the boundaries of layered paint mediums, across acrylic, oil sticks, spray painting and wax, looking at the representation of generational layers and their impact on each other through the layering on the canvas and narrative. Kudi does this, while questioning the structures around formal figurative painting, and painting structures as a discipline - he does this by omitting to paint on canvas, a gladiator arena he calls "colonial" and also in his presentation of black figures and working class figures as powerful rather than less than.  This critiquing of rules and layers established by a upper class establishment  allow Kudi to operate in the grey area and have balanced conversations about class structures, economics and social dynamics in a sincere and direct manner. Kudi desires his viewers to “question everything” when perceiving his paintings, question our notion of formal methods of painting and then using this visual catalyst to then question social structures around us that govern how we live our daily lives, and the balance and imbalance this creates in society.

Kudi is a believer in  question, that we can really as a collective species start to identify and work towards a more collectivist mentality if we question more, and exercise our abilities for critical thinking - to ultimately work towards creating a healthier and much more balanced civilization. This he feels being our biggest challenge moving forward, how does humanity evolve beyond the current status quo, and it start with questioning it.

Contact: - Aaronkudi4@gmail.com