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Selected Works - 2021

1. Resillience,2021

R / 2020
Photography: Rashidi Noah

  1. The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness."the often remarkable resilience of so many British Work Class Communities"
  2. The ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity."nylon is excellent in wearability, abrasion resistance and resilience"

2.Diplomatic and Social Haram,2021

DSH / 2021
Photography: Rashidi Noah

Meaning:Diplomatic and Social Haram,2021
  1. We have some real pigs at the top of the socio-econoomic ladder, and they cause us to fight like crabs in a barrel rather than realising we all share the same oppressor. 

3.Coffee Table,2021

CT / 2021
Photography: Rashidi Noah

Meaning:Coffee Table,2021
  1. The Irony is that coffee is associated with such a higher class status, similar to tea in Europe especially the United Kingdom. But still the very people who bent over backwards to farm and export it are oppressed, and have not been given the same social progress. It is weird how the coffee table has become a center piece of a household because of its importance in social classes, and some might say ascended higher socially than the black community.

4.Double Standards,2021

DS / 2021
Photography: Rashidi Noah

Double Standards,2021
  1. To put it simply, black beauty is governed and policied more than white beauty, for example black hair being labelled many things in which white hair is not. And even to the point that black people are denied oppurtunities.

5.Windrush Rushed,2021

WRR/ 2021
Photography: Rashidi Noah

Meaning:Windrush Rushed,2021

  1. Rushed, in the slang terms means to be jumped, ambushed and caught offguard. Usually at the point that one did not expect. This is exactly what happened to a generation by the goverment - after they had contributed so much to the very society they lived in, econcomically, culturally and socially. They were deported back to their countries of birth, with no warning or notice, this in turn breaking families and causing people to go to back countries they had not been to in years.