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Selected Works - 2021

1.Pain is The Essence, 2021

PE / 2021
Photography: Rashidi Noah

Noun:Pain is the Essence, 2021
  1. Faith has always been an important foundation, but unlike the family members before me it is evolving and I realise for a lot of people within my community this is the same. That is why this piece rusts and decays over time, forming something new something that is like the original but not. And I think this is what is happening with a lot of society, our infastructures across religion,governance,economics are failing because we are evolving into a new form of human engagement and the infastructures currently in place do not serve us well.

2.Ways of Seeing, 2021

WOS / 2021
Photography: Rashidi Noah

Proverb:Ways of Seeing, 2021
  1. This is the lense in which society looks at working class communities, through the eye of policing and authoritative management. Not through the lens of humanity. 

3.Birth of a Nation, 2021

BON / 2021
Photography: Rashidi Noah

Proverb:Birth of a Nation, 2021
  1. The support of an older generation by a younger generation is fundamental for working class communities, but support structure is paramount to progress. This is effectively how progress and development happens within communities and expands into society.

3. Bauchi State, 2021

BS / 2021
Photography: Rashidi Noah

Proverb:Bauchi State, 2021
  1. This piece is a reminder to myself, that to be black is to also be spiritually aware and alive. And even during the pursuit of observing and bringing to light the conversation about class structure, i should not neglect the importance spirituality has for working class communities.